Clothes to Pack for Traveling

Its difficult when your packing to decide what clothes you will be wanting to wear for the next few months. In this post I'll share what worked well for me. In brief my trip was 2 months in South East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Bali), 2 months in Australia and New Zealand (Cairns... Continue Reading →



After our amazing time in Thailand we got a flight from Chaing Mai to Hanoi. We only spent two weeks in Vietnam, as we got 15 visa exemptions, but could have definitely done longer and there were so many places we wanted to go but didn't have time! We only managed to get 4 stops... Continue Reading →

Chaing Mai

Probably my favourite stop for the trip so far! Loads of activities and more temples than you can count. It was a nice change after a relaxing couple of weeks on the islands. We spent 4 nights here and could have stayed longer. We ran out time to do everything we wanted so unfortunately didn't... Continue Reading →

Island Hopping Thailand 

After Bangkok we got a flight to Phucket and spent two and a half weeks traveling around the islands. We had a general idea of where we wanted to go but did most of the booking as the went so the route was flexible. Phucket When we got in to phucket we got a mini... Continue Reading →

Travels – Bangkok

There is a good reason I have not been posting any recipes to my blog recently I am at the start of a 6 month trip through south east Asia, Australia-New Zealand then America-Canada. I am traveling with friends we are currently in Thailand. We started in Bangkok then headed down to the islands and... Continue Reading →

Cranberry and Walnut Chocolate Biscuits

A easy recipe for for chocolate biscuits filled with cranberries and walnuts. It also makes a great raw cookie dough! Make them smaller and thiner for crispier biscuits. Adding mashed bananas and cranberries adds extra sweetness so only 1 tbs of honey is needed. The biscuits are great for a snack, breakfast or try adding... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Nuggets

A quick recipe to use up all that left over juice pulp (alternatively use grated vegetables). So next time you use vegetables in a juice keep the pulp and make your self a tasty lunch! The vegetables in the nuggets I made where carrot, broccoli and courgette. I cook the nuggets for 30 mins on the fan oven... Continue Reading →

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